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Brasserie de Blaugies in our Exclusive Beer Pack

December 16, 2019

We couldn’t be happier: this year, Brasserie de Blaugies does us the honor of brewing a unique beer for our #BXLBF20 exclusive beer pack. 🤩😍🤯

The Belgian brewery is a great addition, next to Brasserie Cantillon (BE), The Kernel Brewery (UK), La Franche (FR), Brewpub De Kromme Haring (NL) and Nectar Bohème (BE).

Like good news never comes alone, we’re going to open a new sale for some of these packs this Wednesday at 6pm (Brussels time). 🍺⭐️🔥

Follow the link (take away/pick up from the festival cloakroom exclusively during the festival dates, entry tickets sold separately)
👉 https://www.eventbrite.fr/e/bxlbeerfest-2020-tickets-747893…

What better gift to put under the tree than a voucher for 6 exclusive brews?!… ⛄️🎅🎄


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