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Little Earth Project, mixed fermentation at its best

February 25, 2020

Please welcome a new brewery to the #BXLBF20 line up: Little Earth Project (UK)

We are so glad to host such a great brewer! Since 2016, Tom makes farmhouse and wild beers with surgical precision. LEP grows its own organic barley and hops. Some berries and flowers may be added to the recipe, but they always come from the Suffolk land. It makes sense, right? To give the beers a sour twist, they use their own wild yeast from the skins of apples pressed to make their very own cider. This wild yeast is added to age beers in oak barrel for some months at least. Mixed fermentation and historic beer styles lovers, you are welcome. 😉

Little Earth Project

Buy your ticket now and come to Brussels this summer to meet this great brewery among many others.


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