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YES! BXLBeerFest 2021 will be.

June 25, 2021

It’s been a strange couple of months… Festival or not? A question we’ve been asking ourselves for some time now but the answer is… YES!


Sorry for letting you be in the dark for quite a while now, but we needed to be sure whether or not we were able to organize a BXLBeerFest this year.


The festival will take place on 21&22 August 2021, as announced, but not in its usual form. Considering the specific conditions due to the pandemic and the sanitary measures we must respect, we are downsizing this year’s edition a bit. Let’s call it a ‘transition edition’ or ‘BXLBeerFestje’. We’ll have 30 breweries attending, mostly from Belgium with a couple from abroad. Rest assured that we always keep quality in mind when inviting these breweries. The line up will be a tasty mix of well established breweries and newcomers with a promising future.


We are hosting the event at Tour&Taxis (Brussels), but not in the big hall as previous years. For this more intimate edition, we will welcome you in Gare Maritime, a brand new building right behind the usual place. The setting will be as fabulous as before, and more even, but as the space is smaller we’ll have a limited number of visitors being able to attend the festival.


The sanitary measures, decided by the government, impose that you need a Covid Safe Ticket to be allowed to access the festival ground. This ticket certifies that you are fully vaccinated or that you have a recent negative Covid test. We will give you more info about this Covid Safe Ticket, when all details will be known.If you haven’t already, buy your ticket now, places are limited




For those who bought a ticket for the 2020 edition, you can access this year’s festival with the same ticket. If you bought an Exclusive Beer Pack 2021 (#SanteïBXL support day or BXL Craft Beer Passion Weekend), you’ll be able to pick it up on the festival site. If you still didn’t get your Exclusive Beer Pack 2020, you’ll be able to pick it up during this year’s festival as well.


We can already imagine you, gathered at our festival with a good and honest craft beer, having a hell of a good time. We are so excited to see you all again and we hope that so are you!Be safe, stay strong, #SanteïBXL

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